CryptoAdsManager - The world’s first advertising network for FinTech, Crypto and Blockchain projects
The world’s first advertising network for ICO and blockchain projects
We’ve put together bulletproof data that's based on the behavioural analysis of over 100 successful FinTech, Crypto and Blockchain projects. Now you can use this data to drive high quality traffic to your website.
Launch your campaign today
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The problem
Facebook and Google block all ads for Crypto, ICO and Blockchain projects
Advertising on crypto news sources is overpriced and overrated to drive cost effective, measurable results
There are lots of bots and fraud on Media and News sources
PR, SMM, Media and other standard marketing techniques are not enough to drive efficient results these days
Our Solution
CryptoAdsManager is a powerful new way to advertise your FinTech, Crypto and Blockchain projects.
We have built a unique set of data focused on the core segments of the FinTech and Crypto audience.
Some our audience segments include
Crypto enthusiasts who want information on the latest crypto and blockchain projects
Crypto investors who have already bought at least one token
Crypto ‘whales’ who have already invested over $100,000 in tokens
We can reach potential users of your project virtually anywhere!
We have already added 1,000+ resources to the CryptoAdsManager network, and we’ll be constantly adding more.
We have integrated targeting and remarketing mechanisms.
We offer a range of ad formats, including text, banners and video.
Our clients
FinTech projects
Online Gaming
Exchanges and e-wallets
Any blockchain projects looking to grow their customer base
Take off today!
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